The O-Cube

 is designed to meet the following demands:

Peer-to-peer (P2P) marketing tool

The O-Cube has a unique selling point - its affordable price makes it ideal for widespread use and distribution.  It can be handed out as a giveaway during promotion and training activities, allowing women to practice proper insertion of female condoms in the privacy of their homes and share their acquired knowledge to their friends through peer-to-peer networks. 

This we believe, can significantly boost the impact of a training activity.

The O-Cube can also be widely distributed to points of sale e.g. pharmacies, convenience-kiosks, hairdressing salons etc. to support more innovative approaches currently being employed to reach more women and educate women on how to use the female condom.


Simple functionality

The O-Cube is a transparent, inflatable PVC cube that allows trainers and health workers to effectively demonstrate how to properly insert a female condom. The O-Cube can be used to demonstrate all the different types of female condoms currently available on the market.

Light weight and compact size

The O-Cube is compact and lightweight and lends itself to easy and cost-effective shipping and distribution.

Cultural sensitivity

The O-Cube’s abstract design allows it to be used without creating unnecessary unease or offence in culturally and religiously sensitive communities or in situations where the O-Cubes are used outside the training environment.