the simple way to demonstrate the use of female condoms


01 about

the simple way to demonstrate

the use of female condoms

The O-Cube is an innovative tool that makes learning how to use female condoms intuitive and easy.

Simple Functionality

The O-Cube is a transparent, inflatable PVC cube that is used to demonstrate and practice the proper insertion of female condoms. 

The O-Cube can be used to demonstrate most types of female condoms currently available.

Its compact size and light-weight allows for cost-effective shipping and distribution.

The ideal Peer-to-Peer Marketing Tool

The O-Cube‘s affordable price makes it ideal for widespread distribution. It can be handed out as a giveaway during promotion and training activities, allowing women and men to practice the proper insertion of female condoms in the privacy of their homes. They can then share their acquired knowledge and pass the O-Cube on to others.

This we believe can significantly boost the impact of training and advocacy activities.


The O-Cube can also be widely distributed to points of sale e.g. pharmacies, convenience-kiosks and hairdressing salons, supporting more innovative approaches to spread female condoms use.

Cultural Sensitivity

The O-Cube’s abstract design allows it to be used without creating unnecessary unease or offence in culturally or religiously sensitive communities and in situations where the O-Cubes are used outside the training environment.

Watch our video on how to use the O-Cube

as a peer-to-peer marketing and distribution tool: 


02 how it works

The O-Cube is extremely easy and intuitive to use. Each O-Cube comes flat-packed in a protective plastic sleeve.

It is inflated and ready to use in seconds. 

 For more details on how to use the O-Cube, click to view our Instruction Sheet:


03 why O-cube

The O-Cube was designed and developed by a team of three designers based in Berlin/Germany who had identified the need for a simple, affordable, yet effective tool to demonstrate the use of Female Condoms.


Female condoms were developed as a woman-initiated contraception device that offers protection from unintended pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections (STI’s), including HIV & Aids. It offers women and girls the choice to protect themselves and not have to depend on their male partners using a male condom.

Today, the female condom is gaining popularity globally as a non-hormonal contraception method with no spermicidal additives. Besides this, both women and men cherish the convenience and enhanced pleasure female condoms offer. Amongst others...

• They offer the same level of protection as male condoms


• They can be inserted ahead of sexual intercourse

• They do not require a perfect fit for men

O-Cube - the simple way to demonstrate and practice the use of female condoms

"Using the O-Cube is so simple and you can use it anywhere without causing embarrassment."


04 what our clients say

"We at the Female Health Company are big fans of the O-Cube female condom demonstration model!

The O-Cube has provided us with a non-threatening and very clear demonstration model that can be used to explain female condom insertion to any background, religion or conviction. It also provides a very clear visual explanation of the main question we get: "how does it stay in my body?"

Finally, due to its light weight and low cost it is very easy for peer educators to carry with them, creating easier distribution of information on the female condom and thereby the product itself also." 

Denise Van Dijk

Female Health Company / USA

"The O-Cube works wonderfully in combination with the E-shaft male model, to demonstrate all aspects of both female and male condom use."

Peter Labouchere

Bridges of Hope Training / South Africa

"I must say that the O-Cubes we received were very useful in reaching out to our clients with HIV prevention." 

Bem Gabriel Alugh

Education as a Vaccine / Nigeria

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05 contact / how to source

We are happy to announce that The Female Health Company is our exclusive global distribution partner for the female condom market. If you are interested in using the O-Cube to demonstrate the use of female condoms, we will forward your enquiry to our distribution partner.

If however you are interested in using the O-Cube to demonstrate the use of menstrual cups or other devices, the team at O-Cube will manage your enquiry.   


To submit an enquiry or to receive more information on the O-Cube, please fill out one of the two contact forms below...


If you are interested in using the O-Cube to demonstrate the use of female condoms, please fill in this contact form. By filling this form, you consent to us forwarding your enquiry and contact details to The Female Health Company



If you are interested in using the O-Cube to demonstrate the use of Menstrual Cups or other devices, please fill in this contact form 

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